Want help finding the perfect book?

I’ve worked in independent publishing and bookselling since 2010, first with Drawn & Quarterly in Montreal, then McNally Jackson in New York City, and now, Ooga Booga and Ready-to-Read in Los Angeles. I’ve touched thousands of books over these years and spoken with near as many readers. I’m particular well-read on women authors, comics and graphic novels, mysticism and phenomenology, social and spiritual sci-fi, sexy poetry, and aesthetic and political theory.

I’m available for personal book shopping, book styling, library curation, and gift recommendations; in-person shopping trips in Los Angeles, phoners, or pen palling; ongoing subscriptions or one-off sessions. Rates negotiable—based on a sliding scale. Check out my defunct Read This Book column and my ongoing Hard to Read series for a sense of my taste.

Write to book with me.