Selected stories:

“Act Like You Know Me”
(Pippa Garner, Kunstverein Munich)

“It was Alicia’s idea to go shoot guns.”
(Gun control now, Heavy Traffic)

“to feel seen while seeing something as delicate as a single century-old picture or half of a name…”
(Shola von Reinhold’s LOTE, Various Artists)

“No Bob Pittman, no Vice Magazine. Vice, I’d like to put those pricks in one.”
(Remembering Steven Mark Klein, Total Pet Vol. 3) )

“for Those Who Realize They’re One in 7 Billion”

“This story was not intended to be about Jean Stein.”
(The Last Grand Magazine, Affidavit)

“her sinuous stockinged legs batting sneakers around”
(Syzygy, Weird Era, originally commissioned by Vejas)

“I got whiplash from waking too suddenly from a dream.”
(20-tens recap, Spike Art Magazine)

“All this decay is fertilizing.”
(In Words, Various Artists)

“She is tiny in the chair.”
(Fanny Howe interview, The White Review)

“a world’s-­end-­and-­we’re-­still­-doing-­business guilty hush”
(Bonaventure Adventure, Pin-Up)

“The sky is my favourite movie.”
(Excerpt of Exquisite Mariposa, The White Review)

“let a field of green grass brown around a tombstone, bones, and brain”
(Jade Kuriki Olivo, Cura)

“one way to define incest: surveillance”
(Jamieson Webster, The White Review)

“Day-oh, Day-oh, Day-oh, Day-oh”
(Glenn Copeland, Ssense)

“I once dog-sat a rescue named Quake.”
(Animals in LA,

“Was fällt dir als Erstes ein, wenn du an deine Kindheit denkst?”
(Pippa Garner, Spike Art Quarterly)

“All language is stolen.”
(Odwalla 88, Novembre)

“I know everything.”
(Are You There God, Deadlines & Divine Distractions)

“She who opposes force with counterforce alone forms that which she opposes and is formed by it.”
(Riane Eisler, Solution 257-294: Communists Anonymous)

“Sophie’s carrot-cake curls are cut like two slices on the side of her head. Sweet face.”
(Sophie, GARAGE)

“You don’t have to keep a diary to reveal your innards in words.”
(Etty, SomeSuch Stories)

“She, who was born under an auspiciously Venusian harmony...”
(Margaret Haines & The Stars Down To Earth, Canadian Art)

“...learning to speak the language of the law rather than that of logic and truth.”
(Phoenix Goddess Temple, Mal)

“Are we going to talk about boyfriends in the interview?"
(Chris Kraus, Ssense)

“I pictured her in a stone chateau in the country of my forefathers.”
(Tilda Swinton, Hobo)

“driving without a seatbelt”
(Elysia Crampton, Wonderland)

“like melon scooped with a spoon tailored to ball the fruit”
(Sojourner Truth Parsons, Canadian Art)

“a poet foremost—she writes sex convincingly”
(Ariana Reines, The Editorial)

“Writing books is really cool to me.”
(Natasha Stagg, Sex)

“Context is everything, in that everything is everything.”
(Amalia Ulman, time, Canadian Art)

“Ugh, next! [laughs] It’s a trap!”
(Interviewing Durga)

“​​fashion’s fickle flickering does not excuse the whitewashing of history”
(Willi Smith, Cultured)

“Losing stuff would upset me if I couldn’t picture it found.”
(Hannah Black, Wonderland)

“Reality is fantasy is reality is fantasy is reality is”
(Andrew Durbin, Texte zur Kunst)

“Let's talk about talent.”
(Vejas, Dazed)

“Chinatown stinks; I want in its alleys.”
(For Aja, Adult)

“Fish floppy, my body bent beneath.”
(Carbon Monoxide, Adult )

“Fall leaf print leggings. Angel wing mirrors. A pretzel couch.”
(Jacky Connolly, Cura)

“a crowning consummation of years of collaboration”
(Around Lizzie Fitch & Ryan Trecartin, Novembre)

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