Fiona Alison Duncan

is an LA-based Can-American writer specializing in portraits, poetry, and propaganda (press). A devoted contributor to Adult, Canadian Art, and Sex Magazine, my work has also been published by 032c, Cura, Kaleidoscope, the LA Review of Books, the New Inquiry, New York Magazine, Novembre, Texte zur Kunst, Wonderland, and W.

Fiona is also a personal book shopper,
the founder of Aural, a non-emergency hotline,
the host of Hard to Read, a monthly lit series,
and the editor of Ready-to-read,
fashion-seasonal books presented out of Eckhaus Latta’s Retail Shop.

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Fiction Fiction


Selected stories:

“All language is stolen.”
(on Odwalla 88)

“You don’t have to keep a diary to reveal your innards in words.”

“She, who was born under an auspiciously Venusian harmony…”
(on Margaret Haines & The Stars Down To Earth)

“like melon scooped with a spoon tailored to ball the fruit”
(Sojourner Truth Parsons)

“a poet foremost—she writes sex convincingly”
(Ariana Reines)

“Are we going to get to talk about boyfriends in the interview?”
(Chris Kraus)

“人 is the belief that the essence of being human involves a selfless altruism that also happens to feel good.”

“driving without a seatbelt”
(Elysia Crampton)

“This situation right now is a lie.”
(Ed Moses)

“The shrimp cocktail was the icing on my cake of retro delight.”

“How fecund is your soil?”
(For Noo and Fette)

“Context is everything, in that everything is everything.”
(Amalia Ulman, time)

“Remember what I said about the violence of interpretation?”
(Seeking Arrangements)

“Ugh, next! [laughs] It’s a trap!”
(Interviewing Durga)

“Fall leaf print leggings. Angel wing mirrors. A pretzel couch.”
(Jacky Connolly)

“Losing stuff would upset me if I couldn’t picture it found.”
(Hannah Black)

“Writing books is really cool to me.”
(Natasha Stagg)

“Joy is neither a privilege nor a right, it's an organic eventuality.”

“It has to do with a cat in a box and quantum mechanics.”

“He denounces spectacle while embodying it; what a comic.”
(on Franco “Bifo” in Material)

“Reason is lololololololol. Zeroes and ones.”

“What's omitted from most political discourse?
The most important thing of course.”

(Army of Love)

“In our heads, we sound deeper.”
(Generation Anxiety)


“How exactly did Manson enact his power?"
(Stripper Lessons)

“(doomsday prophecies are a power bid)”
(post-Internet x reading)

“Or so it seems from my near-sight.”
(Amalia, again)

“Reality is fantasy is reality is fantasy is reality is”
(Andrew Durbin)

“Could you explain who Cameron is?”
(Margaret, again)

“I pictured her in a stone chateau in the country of my forefathers.”
(Tilda Swinton)

“Let's talk about talent.”

“Fish floppy, my body bent beneath.”
(Carbon Monoxide)

Like Every Time My Pelvis Touches A Sink Brim
(Sent from my iFona)


“Anna Wintour is one of Barack Obama's top fundraisers.”
(Not Vogue)

“should we have a safe word?”
(Claudius App)


“She wants to be It, she yearns for it.”
(Julien Ceccaldi)

“Chinatown stinks; I want in its alleys.”
(For Aja)

“The last time I saw Dov Charney in person…”
(Conspiracy theories)

“Perspiration pools in jewels”
(Summer in the city)

Chris Kraus'd Lovers
(with SNP)

“Lettuce green, cash green, baby puke green, turquoise!”
(The Canyons)

“It’s the American dollar bill, she says, it’s too iconic.”
(Credit. Debit. Debt. Currency. Capital.)


Thanks to Stefan Schwartzman for taking my portrait,
Brant Boshart for helping design + code,
and Leslie Regan Shade and Ian Duncan for life ofc.